MAS is a field service company within the energy industry eager to be a part of the ever expanding goal of American energy independence. Our clients’ goals are our business and we want to help each client acquire those goals as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Whether it’s title for minerals on an oil and gas or solar project, leasing large acreage for a wind farm, or obtaining right of ways for long haul transmission and pipelines, MAS can get the right people in the right place. We are excited to tap the local oil and gas reserves needed to keep our way of life moving forward, capture the overwhelming wind and solar resources on local soil needed to help power America, and tackle the challenge of bringing those resources from production to consumption.

What can MAS Field Services do for you?

MAS Services

  • Development

    Whether it’s renewable, oil, gas, metals and mining, or a free standing structure, every project has a beginning. MAS Field Services is the boots on the ground service provider that you call to begin your project and secure the documents and acreage needed one acre at a time.

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  • Construction

    A project is only as good as the equipment it’s built with, and that equipment is costly! After the site is developed and prepped for construction there are a lot of hands that show up to begin building and not all of those hands are in the know about what can and cannot be done. MAS Field Services can be there to make sure lease rules are followed, HSE regulations are abided by, and the site remains clean from the first moment dirt is moved to the day the operational switch is turned.

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  • Operations

    When construction is over and the project is officially producing there are many tedious items that can keep the site manager busy such as lawn and equipment care. MAS Field Services can put people in place to make sure your project remains clean, clear and producing efficiently.

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