MAS Beginnings

MAS Field Services began from an interest in being a part of large scale energy projects, to identifying as a service provider eager to be a part of the larger energy independence movement. MAS has performed tasks for clients as simple as obtaining estoppels from a handful of owners, to performing full land acquisition and ownership review on multiple projects at a time, and we’ve done it in locations all across the United States.

As well, to ebb and flow with the uncertainties within each energy sectors MAS continues to structure itself as an outsourcing firm which allows us to keep our costs static and easier to budget with. We utilize industry agents on our projects and strive to ensure that our agents are land professionals and not just your run-of-the-mill, “shade tree” land agent. As a member of International Right of Way Association, the American Association of Professional Landmen and other organizations, MAS seeks out agents who are qualified to perform each given task they are assigned. We are a fun group to work with, but very firm on our need for professionalism and ethical performance on every project we are assigned and with every interaction we engage in.

Travis Warren

MAS Field Services, LLC is the outcome of hard work and persistency performed by its Principal, Travis Warren. Travis began working for multiple renewable clients as far back as 2010 where he performed multiple functions of land and title work, along with due diligence and curative efforts during construction. Prior to creating MAS Field Services, Travis was an in-house development associate at Padoma Wind Power, LLC, an NRG Energy Company (now operating as Enel Green Power North America) where he was responsible for land and title management on projects throughout Texas and elsewhere that Padoma needed him. In his early career, Travis was a Development Manager at Hilliard Energy where he oversaw the development portfolio for the state of Texas and helped to put together projects for clients such as Florida Power & Light, Clipper Windpower and Babcock & Brown. Throughout his career Travis has participated in wind, solar, transmission, oil, gas and energy storage projects in 15 states, acquired more than 250,000 acres of land and managed the acquisition of over one million acres throughout the United States.


For every landowner who isn’t interested in leasing there’s another who’s eager to get something done. At MAS Field Services, LLC we don’t just enjoy working with energy companies; we also enjoy helping ambitious and spirited landowners. Are you a landowner who feels that your property would be ideal for a solar farm? Are you someone who is part of a larger group of landowners who are interested in a wind farm? Do transmission lines not bother you and you want to be part of the bigger energy picture? Contact MAS Field Services today and let’s talk about the opportunities that we can acquire together.

Affecting Change

MAS Field Service is not only eager to be a part of American energy independence, MAS also wants to affect change in the way our environment is cared for. We believe in energy because we consume it, and we believe in the energy industries because they supply us with the energy we need to maintain our way of life. But for MAS Field Services it doesn’t stop there, we want to make sure that our way of life and our abundant energy resources can be shared and utilized by as many people as possible for generations to come. MAS is always looking for ways to participate in the community and help the environment, so MAS gets involved to affect the change we believe in.

We love to sponsor our communities, so MAS is always a part of the local organizations such as Little League. We’ve sponsored several teams and look forward to participating in every fashion we can.

MAS also loves to recycle! Whether it’s cans, plastic, paper or cardboard, you can always find piles of it stashed away in the office and at home prior to “the haul off” when we take our stash and distribute them to the local facilities.

MAS is always looking to be involved in affecting change locally and globally, so if you have a need or a program that we might be interested in please give us a call.