The presidential debate has just begun and solving America’s energy problems will be a major election issue and a top priority for the next president. So where do our candidates stand on energy?

Where Does Donald Trump Stand on Energy?


Donald Trump has been enthusiastic about this controversial extraction process. In a statement made on Twitter back in 2012, Trump said, “fracking will lead to American energy independence.” Since then, his public comments have been less succinct, but supportive. In his one major energy policy speech in North Dakota in late May, Trump stated he would, “revoke policies that impose unwarranted restrictions on new drilling technologies,” an indirect way of saying he wouldn’t regulate methane emissions from fracking rigs, which the current administration is attempting to do.


Trump doesn’t have the same visceral dislike for subsidies that more ideologically pure Republicans have concerning renewable power, so analysts believe he will not push to have them eliminated. Also, he was a supporter of ethanol subsidies while campaigning in Iowa.

Clean Energy

In addition to Trump’s campaign promise to pursue a “targeted review” of EPA’s Clean Power Plan, which aims to reduce emissions from power plants, he has also said his commitment to “an ‘all of the above’ energy plan that would encourage, not discourage, the use of natural gas.”

Where Does Hillary Clinton Stand on Energy?


Hillary Clinton’s position on fracking has been a little tough to discern. Unlike Trump, who has never run for political office, Clinton has taken a position on every single environmental issue during her nearly quarter-century of public life. While she promoted fracking technology overseas as secretary of state, during a Flint, Michigan debate in March, Clinton stated that she would treat fracking to a three-part test that could dramatically curtail its use in many parts of the country if fully enforced.


Clinton is in tune with the broad swath of left-leaning voters who would like to see a quicker transition to a post-fossil-fuel economy. She has stated a goal of installing 500 million solar panels to increase solar energy production eight-fold in the U.S. by the end of her first term in office. She also wants to make wind power’s production tax credit permanent.

Clean Energy

Clinton has made the further development of clean energy a central tenet of her climate change plan. She has proposed “making America the world’s clean energy superpower” by investing $60 billion in advancing clean energy alternatives. The candidate has also promised that every American home will be powered with clean energy by 2027.

So Which Candidate is Right?

Often times people get confused and think that renewable energy is trying to cancel out fossil fuels and therefore, like politics, you must be one or the other. However, this is not the case at all. While fossil fuels do produce the majority of our energy currently, the reasoning is simply because it made more “cents” (literally, it made more cash). When fossil fuels became common, no one considered how harmful it might be to the environment and whether the resources would deplete over time — they just saw that it made a product that everyone wanted and needed, which meant cash, and lots of it. With technological advances and more research, we now see and realize that electrical energy can be created from numerous sources that are far less damaging and are not depleting.

The partnership here is that fossil fuels are used for so many other things outside of electrical energy such as make up, food preservatives, engine oil, lubricants, vehicle fuel, jet fuel, plastics, etc. No amount of wind or sun will ever produce anything other than electrical energy. Renewable energy cannot preserve foods, create make up, be a plastic or power a jet or large passenger plane — it can power the buildings that all of these things are made in, but that’s it. Renewable Energy allows us to preserve our fossil fuels for continuing our way of life and our luxuries without having to expend an exorbitant amount of those resources on producing electricity. Renewables will never replace fossil fuels, they will simply help preserve the fossil fuel resources we have by carrying some of the burden that fossil fuels had to carry for so long.

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